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"Where Tubing the Salt Begins"

Tubing Checklist:

*Littering is not only unlawful, it is not tolerated at Saguaro Lake Ranch.  We strive to maintain the beauty of the Tonto National Forest, and we want our customers to realize this goal as well. 

*Glass containers are illegal on the Salt River.  Once again, glass containers are not allowed on the Salt River.  They will be confiscated.  Broken glass is a danger to swimmers and tubers everywhere...let's help each other out. 

*Alcohol, drugs, and the Salt River do not mix.  It is the combination of alcohol and the river which result in most river injuries. 

*Do not bring styrofoam coolers--they break apart against rocks, and not only do you lose everything inside, but the styrofoam pieces litter the river bank. 

*Children must be 8 years old for tubing.

*Non-swimmers are recommended to refrain from all tubing activities; if this is impossible, then life jackets are recommended. 

*Tennis shoes are a necessity.  Sharp rocks and river debris can injure unprotected feet. 

*Tying tubes together is not recommended.  Roped tubes can get caught in trees or branches.  Put arms or feet over your group's tubes instead. 

*Sunblock is a must!  The Arizona heat can cause sunburn in less than 30 minutes. 

*Bring a hat or visor--this will help shield the sun's rays. 

*Never forget to lock your car.

*Find a way to secure your keys while tubing.  A small piece of twine works well.  The key making business is prosperous on the river. 

*Drive and park only in designated areas. 

*Drink plenty of water.